Our Mission

Since Establishment our scientific team Has Been Conducating A Series Of Sutdies an dexperiments using "Nano" and " Bio " based technologies which will help in developing new material ( From Raw material that is avilable locally ) and put together the Necessary strategies to achive our vision .
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Our Goal

Estimates of (Ag - NPs ) Production Worldwide is 320 Tons/Year . the Global ( Ag-NPs ) Market will expand at a robust CAGR of 15.4% During The Forecast Period of 2014 To 2020 , Reaching a Substantial Valuation Of Uas 1.8Billion by the end of 2020 we developed a viable and cost-effective process to manufacture silver NanoParrticles ( Ag-NPs ) . This will Enable Us To Exploit the current and forecasted Future Demand For Ag-NPs Producing Competitvely priced Products For Local and Regional End Users .
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Our R&D

Our R&D Team Work Includes a group of highly eucated Researchers ( 7 Phd , 3 MSc And 7 Bsc ). they are a group of experts and scientists with proven experience and intimate industry knowledge in material science , biotechnology and industry knowledge in material science , biotechnology and industrial chemistry
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